Jeremy Simon, a 34-year-old Leavenworth resident, is a carpenter whose job often requires him to go above and beyond—quite literally. So when he had an immediate health care need in August 2014, he was thankful for a health care team willing to do the same.

“I work for a construction company that renovates buildings, and I sometimes work from a lift, which requires me to wear a safety harness,” Simon explains. “The harness may have contributed to a painful cyst requiring a urological surgical procedure.”

Simon’s family physician referred him to Steve Waxman, M.D., a board-certified urologist on staff at Providence Medical Center and Saint John Hospital, who saw him immediately.

Dr. Waxman determined that though the cyst was probably benign, to relieve the pain, the infection and fluid inside needed to be drained and the cyst removed.

“Dr. Waxman saw me on a Friday morning and admitted me to Providence that same afternoon, taking care of the problem right away,” Simon says. The next day, Simon was ready to head home. By Monday, he was back on the job, though this time his feet were firmly on the ground.

For the next three weeks, Simon saw Dr. Waxman every Friday to follow up and to be sure the surgical site was properly healing.

Today, Simon is back to his normal duties, but says he greatly appreciated Dr. Waxman’s prompt and professional attention to a painful problem. “Dr. Waxman’s quick decision to do something about the cyst was phenomenal,” Simon adds. “I couldn’t be more grateful to him.”

His wife, Jennifer Simon, agrees and adds, “Everyone we encountered, from the nurses, to the ultrasound technician, to Dr. Waxman, made us feel comfortable and they were very accommodating. Great job Dr. Waxman, the staff and Providence Medical Center!”

Dr. Waxman sees patients on the Providence Medical Center campus, 8919 Parallel Parkway, Suite 550; and on the Saint John Hospital campus, 3550 South Fourth Street, Suite 282. For more information about Dr. Waxman, call 913-281-8406.